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Our Reputation Is Built On Your Satisfaction

The Trusted Choice for Musician Services

Our Reputation Is Built On Your Satisfaction

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Musician Services Unlimited

Musician Services Unlimited offers the best in house guitar and amp repair, equipment rental and installation service in Houston at the best price. We specialize in anything from refretting, pickup installation, to a simple restring and set up. We offer anything from acoustic guitar repair, electric guitar repair, to bass guitar repair. Our rental department has a wide variety of top name brands such as Chauvet lights, Electro Voice speakers, Shure microphones, Samsung TV’s and more. We also offer the best lighting and speaker installation service in the city. Call us today to set up you free consultation!


Great experience with these guys, I highly recommend them! Adam did a fantastic job on my Fender American Jazz V… He’ll get all of my work going forward! They are very strong technically, very knowledgeable, they communicate very well, they do excellent and fast work, and the prices are extremely fair! USE THESE GUYS!

Patric Ainsworth

Can’t recommend these guys enough. Everything from guitar repair, lessons, to PA rental, and much more. They stand by their work and have done a stellar job every time i’ve been there.

Anthony Pitt

These kats are awesome. Already took 4 guitars for service and a review showed two needed minor tweaking only. Nothing wrong and they let me know. It could of been a lot different elsewhere. The other two guitars I needed set up and they came back in record time and sounding phenom playing smooth as butter. Tired of taking yalls gear to places and they holding on to it for freakin months. Not here. If yall need any service to yalls gear they will do yall correct. Awesome work, fast turn around at decent prices. ROCK ON!

Felix Munoz III