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All guitar owners absolutely love their guitars, but many of them are not aware of the maintenance required to keep the guitar functioning properly. How are the strings holding up? How are the bridge and the neck? These parts of the guitar are essential to good sound, which means you must make certain that your guitar is kept free of dirt and debris, especially the bridge, neck and structural components. If steps are not taken to ensure proper maintenance, then guitar repair will be needed before long.

Changing Strings and Cleaning to Prolong String Life

Guitar RepairYou may need to make sure that you change your strings for the best tonal quality. A monthly deep cleaning will remove dust and dirt build-up. String makers recommend re-toning the strings every four to ten hours of playing or more if you’re a guitarist who plays “hard” or uses a heavy clutch on the fingerboard or aggressive picking. There is new technology on the market that will prolong string life and even deep clean frets all in one swipe. They’re fast, very effective and simple to use.

Receiving Expert Advice Online for Guitar Repair Tips

If you’re new to the world of guitar playing, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed with all the expert claims and experienced guitar musician trainings. However, if you’re looking for the best guitar repair tips, you should go online. This is the best way to learn how to keep your new guitar cleaned and maintained. Many new players are immediately attracted to playing lessons, which is great when it comes to learning to play, but if you want to keep your guitar in the best shape possible, playing lessons will not help. Instead, you should go online and find tips and strategies to keep your guitar sounding great.

Having Your Guitar Cleaned and Repaired Affordably

Guitar Cleaned and RepairedMusician Services Unlimited serves the Houston Metro area. We offer the best guitar cleaning and repair service in the city, at the most affordable rates. We specialize in anything from refretting, pickup installation, to simple restring and set up. We offer acoustic guitar repair, electric guitar repair, and bass guitar repair. Our guitar luthier has 10 plus years of experience in repair as well as three plus years of guitar tech experience. We also offer pick-up and delivery for all repair services.

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